With a spirit of safety towards his people in Taiwan, MR.CHEN started the company TONG HO HSING INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD in the year 1974.

His vision was to serve his nation by securing the life of people in Taiwan, and so inspired with a patriotic feeling within, he began manufacturing motorcycle helmets. MR. CHEN himself marketed the product and travelled to every corner of Taiwan with two huge bags of helmets, meeting people and spreading message of safety.

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Demand of the motorcycle helmet increased fast and with the profit earned, MR. CHEN decided to expand his business. He began doing export to China.

Soon, he realized that the factory in Taiwan cannot fulfil the demand of both Taiwan and China. Hence, he invested a huge capital in China and developed a factory of around 95,000 square meter in China. Both factories were doing successful business in both nations respectively.

MR. CHEN further expanded his business by doing export to North America, South America, Europe, Australia and other Asian countries . To fulfil the demand, he established two more factories; particularly in China with around 95000 square meter area that has a capacity of 300 workers and the factory in India with around 115,000 square meter area is under construction.


a brand with passion and brotherhood embodied. With its base in Taiwan, It aims to provide riders a wide range of helmets with distinctive style.


Since 1974, MR. CHEN dedicated almost 45 years in serving people with all types of motorcycle helmets. The factory is approved by ISO 9001:2000 and uses techniques from Germany, Sweden, Japan, Italy and Taiwan.

The quality is assured with various recognised homologations like DOT, ECE, SNELL, CNS, SG, CPSC, CE and ISI. Helmets are tested by comprehensive testing machines and equipment to meet the high- level quality assurance. Companies manufacture helmets made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Polycarbonate (PC), Carbon Fibre Kevlar (CFK) and Carbon Fibre materials.

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With unlimited creativity infused, you can find cool new design in NIKKO constantly.



For all these years, the company used to manufacture many owned brands and do ODM/OEM for some successful globally recognised brands like O’Neal, AFX, ANSWER, etc. One of the valued brands of company was Nikko Helmets being introduced in 1990.

It was later decided that the company will focus on this brand and will upgrade its level to premium segment. Hence, a company named TONG HO HSING INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was produced, and Nikko Helmets was rebirthed in 2016 with a spirit of delivering the best motorcycle helmets with intensive graphics and high functional qualities.
Currently, Nikko Helmets is concentrating in ABS and PC materials. With time, it will begin manufacturing of CFK and Carbon.

Nikko Helmets hold factories in Taiwan, China and India with a capacity of over 350 employees. Currently Nikko Helmets holds overall 150 employees. Nikko Helmets has almost 95% in-house production. The company produces its own Shell, EPS, Visors and other accessories through various mould injection machines working as per ISO 9001:2000.

Experienced employees are the key for successful company. Nikko Helmets are produced by skilled workers who put high efforts in giving deliberate duties. The company has various departments for different jobs.make effect use of time and quality check is done at every level.

It is the responsibility of every worker in Nikko Helmets to pass the work to next level, only if its quality meets its level at that point. Hence quality is assured at every level.

Nikko Helmets teams comprise experienced painting and graphics team, dedicated processing & stitching, swift assembling, skilled machine operators, advance stock storage, effective maintenance, highly influenced dispatch & delivery, quality assurance & testing, operational engineers, excellent graphic designers and diligent helmet designers.



Nikko Helmets hold laboratory of machines that uses the technology from Germany, Sweden, Italy, Japan and Taiwan. Testing are done as per the need of highly recognised homologations.

So far, Nikko Helmets are certified by DOT, ECE, CNS, SG and ISI. These are rooms for more certifications in future. Other than this, we do manual Quality Check (QC) of every helmet before packing to make sure that the helmet has no flaw.



Nikko Helmets strongly emphasise on services being delivered to market and dealers. the try to not lack in providing supplies to market.

Our deliveries are mostly on time and we continue in improving after sales services to deliver full satisfaction to our dealers as well as end users. Nikko Helmets does not believe in satisfied customers, we believe in happy customers.

Put on NIKKO HELMET and experience its excellence.



Thinking Beyond Next is not only tag line given to the brand. We also believe in doing intensive Research and Development which is the ongoing process in Nikko Helmets. We make changes effectively when needed, no matter if it’s a change in mould.

We figure out to produce new models to deliver the need of new demand in market. Every month, we try to give many appealing graphics in most of the models. We discard non-demanding graphics and models (if required). We quickly respond to feedbacks from market and try to dissolve in all types of market by giving flexibility in colours, decors and interiors to our dealers. Our team will never stop thinking for the safety in riding and we will always put effort to make ourselves highly competent in market by bringing next level models, graphics, interiors and functions.